I have repeatedly witnessed Albrecht provide innovation leadership experiences at the highest level to the organizations he works with.  Where others who are less experienced might lose their nerve, Albrecht expertly helps an organization navigate the rough, fuzzy front-end of the innovation experience.


Birgitta von Schlumperger PhD, Corporate Consulting Group

Jeanne spent considerable time developing a pre-workshop knowledge base to enable her to understand our culture, current position and values.  During the session, she was professional, knowledgeable, flexible and very easy to work with.  She related to the group very well and provided excellent guidance.  Our experience was so positive that we rehired her to help

us target specific action plans for the upcoming year.

Laurie Bales, Bookstore Manager,  Portland Community College

Albrecht was accountable for the definition, development and execution of a new camera system. Developing this camera platform was a huge technical and change management challenge. Since the design approach was so radically different from previous efforts, it forced most people out of their comfort zone.  Without Albrecht’s especially calm approach and demeanor, it is doubtful that the program would have realized the success that...enabled the division to regain a leadership position in its industry.

Jack Boepple, Manager, Software Engineering, Siemens Medical Solutions


I was fascinated with Albrecht’s presentation at APICS’ Professional

Development Meeting.  It was the best dinner meeting I have been to in

the two years I have been coming.

I love the idea on how stretch goals shift our mindset and can help bend reality. 

I don’t know how I am going to apply that specifically to my life yet - but I like

the idea of it - elevating to a different altitude to innovate.


Jeanette Talbert, APICS member

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