A necessary condition for your organization to reach for market-

defining innovations is a complete shift in the mindset for the

people in your organization.  This shift often requires a shakeup

in the organizational culture to break existing and familiar

paradigms that support incremental innovation.  Asking ‘reality

bending’ questions is the beginning of this process:

“Can we create a new product portfolio that improves our value

to cost ratio (revenue/cost) several fold?”


“Can we create a low-end product that has more customer

value than high-end products currently in the market place?”


“Can we create game changing market excitements that form an

entirely new industry standard?”

Questions such as these begin that important mindset shift.

Also, these stretch goals will foster a highly collaborative

environment and create a strong interdependency between

leaders and team members.

The mix of stretch goals, team structure, common purpose,

internal desire and pivotal leadership creates the right condition

to change your level of thinking and reach for market-defining innovations.

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